With a dazzling display of ocean, sun and beach, North Goa welcomes you to a vibrant paradise with natural beauty. However, if you believe this area to be just all about golden strands and turquoise waters, think that again! It is dotted with stunning castles, old tabernacles, stunning churches, exuberant nightclubs with notorious shanties, lively flea requests, extravagant pavilions, and an array of lodestones, the region is a real lover of rubbernecks. All you have to do is get out of the slums of North Goa and explore this diverse location.

Are you prepared to let go of the multitude of guests waiting for you? Take a look at some of the most magical destinations to explore at North Goa.

1. Chapora Fort

It is so popular that many people refer to the fort as Dil Chahta Hai Fort. It was built in 1717. the fortress was a quiet confirmation of the vivid real-life events that took place throughout the years. It is situated on a hill high point close to the Chapora River, it offers stunning views of the girding regions and is definitely worth visiting.

Position Chapora

The hours are 930 am until 930 pm, all day long.

2. Vagator Beach

The sand is stunning and has dramatic red escarpments, which adorn this reinforcement Vagator is a breathstunning view. The sand will then break to two main lines: videlicet Big Vagator and Little Vagator. This is the ideal spot to set up your bases and take in your dose of sun, beach and the ocean. If you’re looking for enjoying the water, Vagator has plenitude of choices, such as spurt skiing or parasailing. There’s also the possibility of enjoying beautiful evenings and anticipate an unforgettable escapade.

You must try conditioning Jetskiing, Parasailing, Dolphin watching.

3. Anjuna Beach

Glamorous white beach, raucous water sports, and exhilarating escape, that’s Anjuna’s for you. The most adored beaches in the northern part Anjuna is the epitome of everything Goa standsfor.However you must stay until the night comes to this spot and it wakes up with a party atmosphere, even if the rocky sand seems attractive in the daytime. The reason for the attraction for the sandy beach are the fly request that is held every Wednesday that is a popular attraction for the excursionists.

You must try conditioning Scuba diving Snorkeling, Windsurfing Parasailing, water skiing Banana lift, water scooter Dolphin Sighting.

4. Fort Aguada

Majestic is the term that describes the elegant style of Fort Aguada, one of the castles that are infamous located in Goa. Fort Aguada is situated in an ideal position because the waves that flow from the Arabian Sea play along its high walls. It is awash in history. enormous stronghold dates back up to 17th century and gives an amazing view of the ocean which stretches before it. The most prominent lodestones in the fortress are a number of cell prisons as well as an old lighthouse that is the first that is of this kind within Asia.

Position Candolim

Time: 930 am until 600 pm, all day long.

5. Baga Beach

From taking part in water sports or getting a tattoo to shopping on the road there’s something for you to do all. With cafes and hand caffs such as Tito’s, Britto’s and Mambos that line the beach, Baga surely counts among the most fashionable party spots in Goa.

Must- try Conditioning Motorboat lift, Scuba diving, Jetskiing, Water skiing, Banana lift, River voyage, Dolphin trip, Windsurfing, Water scooter.

6. Calangute Beach

It’s not surprising that Calangute is frequently referred to be the most beautiful of strands in Goa. It stretches across Baga to Candolim the place is a frequent tourist destination located in North Goa. Sand is a striking scene, which is why it’s always jammed. It’s also among the most fashionable places to visit in North Goa for a great shopping experience due to the rumbling road demand as well as the sand’s dazzling design.

It is mandatory to pass the speed test for conditioning boat lifts, parasailing, Jetskiing Water surfing and Banana lift.

7. Candolim Beach

The tranquil air, the thrilling water activities, and a captivating adventure provide Candolim an extremely beautiful stretches to discover in the north. It’s not easy to find commercially viable activities in this area however the stunning splendor of the sand more than compensates forit.However, Candolim is your best bet if you’re planning to experience an enthralling experience of water-based conditioning in a tranquil and peaceful beach.

It is a must to try conditioning. Water scooter and Dolphin sighting passages Jetskiing, Banana lift Water testing.

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