Why should you buy Windows Server 2019 Standard download?

Windows Server 2019 helped many businesses to bridge on-premises environments with Azure. It adds security layers to keep the infrastructure modern while making applications run faster. The Windows Server 2019 Standard download works well for customers with non-virtualized environments.

Microsoft provides consistent hybrid services, including a common identity platform with Active Directory. The active directory is a data platform built on SQL Server technologies and hybrid management. It has a Windows Admin Center that delivers an elegant, browser-based view of Windows Server workloads. Users can connect Windows Server deployments to Azure services. It allows natively integrated services such as Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery without disrupting applications and infrastructure.

Reasons to Buy Windows Server 2019 Standard License?

Windows Server 2019 ensures that all apps and system components have enough access privilege. Discover and manage security breaches with integrated Windows Defender Advanced Threat Detection. We have outlined the following reasons to buy Windows Server 2019 Standard license

  • Help prevent host intrusion with Windows Defender Exploit Guard. It locks down devices against attack vectors and blocks malware attacks. 
  • Save your VM workloads from unauthorized access for Windows Server or Linux workloads. 
  • Guard network traffic with the flip of a switch with Encrypted Subnets.

What is the difference between Windows Server 2019 Standard and Windows Server Essentials?

The two editions Standard and Essentials of Windows Server 2019, has features and capabilities different for the organizations. Essentials edition is the primary edition for basic features, and as the organizational goals grow, companies upgrade to the Standard edition. The upgrade signifies the increased role and functionalities. With Windows Server 2019 Standard, you get extra functions and features not found in Windows Server 2019 Essentials Edition. Buy the product key from DirectDeals as we are a certified Microsoft provider and will provide official download links plus simple installation instructions. This key will activate Windows Server 2019 Standard on one machine. This is a one-time purchase, and you do not have to pay monthly/annual subscription or renewal fees. It will work on fresh or existing installations of Windows Server 2019 Standard.

Container technologies in Windows Server 2019 help IT pros and developers collaborate as part of a DevOps approach to deliver applications faster. Moving apps from virtual machines to containers can provide container benefits to existing apps with minimal code changes. Windows Server 2019 provides a smaller Server Core container image for speedier download. It offers enhanced computing, storage, and networking support for Kubernetes clusters and the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. Windows Server 2019 helps developers use Open SSH, Curl, and Tar tools.

Windows Server 2019 Standard price is very cost-effective for businesses. At DirectDeals, you get the server at a meager cost with super-saver deals. To give customers a uniform licensing experience across multi-cloud environments, Microsoft has transitioned from processor-based licensing to core-based licensing for Windows Server 2019 Datacenter and Standard editions.

Get Server 2019 Standard at competitive rates from our platform. DirectDeals provides its customers with lighting deals that can save huge money. Every business investment requires you to be wary of finance. Considering the small business growth in recent years, the server requirements are growing. To fill in those places, DirectDeals offers its products at cheap rates. We have everything that a user looks for in building an IT infrastructure. So what are you waiting for? Shop for your version or edition of the Windows Server today! 

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