Streaming has become increasingly popular all around the world. It appears to be a viable career choice for the new generation. The idea of streaming is to share your activities with the world. Anything happening, including cooking, working, or playing online games. Investors are willing to give streamers, with a particular amount of followers, a large quantity of money. Streaming is becoming a full-time profession, and for all the right reasons. Multistreaming is a practice that many streamers have now adapted, so what could be better than getting free multistreaming from a platform? 

It is particularly difficult in the digital world to get any efficient services for free. But LivePush is a platform that provides free multistream services and also offers additional features with an affordable plan.

What is Multistreaming

Multi-destination streaming is a method of broadcasting that involves sending a single feed to several locations at once. Multicasting, simulcasting, or multistreaming are terms used to describe this.

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In addition to your own platform, multistreaming is frequently used to broadcast to several social media streaming websites. Among the most prominent platforms for multistreaming are Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube. is the platform for free multistreaming. You can now multistream to several platforms and hop onto the latest global trend.

Why Multistreaming is Necessary

The main benefit of multistreaming is that it gives broadcasters the opportunity to reach a broader audience. The purpose of streaming is to reach audiences who are already online. By streaming to social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch, you can reach your current audience and develop a more socially connected group.

Why multi stream to your website or app in addition to your social media platforms may be a mystery to you. Multistreaming merely adds another layer of benefits to white-label video streaming, which already offers many advantages.

Multistreaming As A Career Option

When a streamer uses multiple streaming platforms to interact with their viewers, this is known as Multistreaming or Simulcasting. Live streaming is the most effective way to connect with and target an audience in real time, generating monetization on the fly through direct interaction and engagement.

Advertisers and collaborators pay a lot of money to streamers who have a certain count of viewers. This live streaming industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 28.3 percent to $247 billion by 2027. This growth forecast is notable, given the number of people who are using streaming, either as an audience or as a streamer. A gamer can get far more connections and monetization opportunities when streaming to multiple online platforms.

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Multistreaming uses web-based software and cloud computing through a single software interface. A single video feed can be broadcasted to multiple platforms using a stream recorded by a PC, usually with the help of a capture card. The software’s integrated chat feature allows you to interact with viewers from various chats and platforms.

Through a single software interface, multistreaming utilizes cloud computing and web-based technologies. A PC stream can be used to record a video feed and broadcast it to several platforms. The software’s built-in chat function enables you to communicate with users of different chats and platforms.

A Free Multistreaming Platform

A live media streaming dashboard called Livepush offers VOD hosting, live scheduling, and live media streaming. It is designed to stream live events at any scale thanks to a highly scalable cloud. With no additional work from the user, it is simple to broadcast live material to over 45 streaming channels simultaneously, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and LinkedIn.

Livepush offers HD, Full HD, and 4k resolutions for live and recorded video streaming and automatically transcodes them into low-to-high resolutions for a quicker and more flexible streaming experience. For multistreaming to Twitch and Youtube or any other streaming platform, Livepush offers several free plans.

How Multistreaming Works

To make a multi stream function, many things take place in the background. Fortunately, the process is extremely straightforward thanks to the live streaming technology that is available to current broadcasters. And one of them is Your multistreaming problems will be resolved by this straightforward, user-friendly free multistreaming platform.

You are probably already a professional broadcaster who uses or another online video platform for white-label streaming to your brand’s website and app. A specialized multistreaming solution that integrates with your video hosting platform will also be necessary for your support.

Try streaming on several platforms if you want to reach a larger audience. Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook are a well-known combination. Choose a tool that works well with the combination. One of them is LivePush. offers multistreaming capabilities that are completely free and have an intuitive user interface. Connecting the streaming platform with your tool is the next step after choosing the tool. It will be simple to access if they are integrated by default. However, you must manually configure it if they are not. Once you have got everything set up, try out a test stream to see if it meets your needs.

Features For Free Multistreaming On

The platform offers a variety of streaming options to meet your needs. It consists of Live TV Streaming, Church Streaming, and Game Streaming. Epic games can be streamed simultaneously on several platforms and attract large audiences. The features also allow you to stream previously recorded sessions. You can also employ chat overlays from other streaming websites to communicate with your audience through a single embedded chatbox. The platform works with all of the main streaming services. YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, Facebook, and 45 more streaming platforms are on the list.


Livepush provides a free plan for streaming live to a Facebook Page and two other platforms. Unlimited streaming starts at $8 per month, with free trials available for more premium plans. Company plans begin at $60 per month for 10 RTMP inputs. Pricing plans are extremely diverse and adaptable with a number of features on one platform.

  • It supports more than 45 streaming platforms.
  • Deliver live media to a global audience with StackPath and AKAMAI CDNs.
  • Multiple scheduling modes.
  • Manage pre recorded data from the cloud.

Final Reflections

Multistreaming is now the norm and a great benefit for someone who made a long-term decision to use it. It is a platform that might assist you in connecting with more people. Fortunately, there are several multistreaming sites that offer top-notch services at an affordable price. The main reason for using a live streaming service is that it will save you from all the additional configuration that you need to figure out to start a live stream. Undoubtedly, every streamer wants their live stream to be perfect as it has a lot of time investment. So in order to create a successful live stream, make sure to use any streaming services. Find a streaming service with an affordable plan so that it does not cost you more than you earn.

Definitely the best choice for streamers is It has an affordable plan that starts with free trials. The software offers linking your account as an alternative to copying and pasting RTMP ingests from well-known streaming websites.

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