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The current environment has made competitive advantage a higher priority than other corporate objectives, which is why brands are still around. As a result, businesses providing content marketing services are employing cutting-edge tactics like content marketing to crush the competition. It is a time-tested marketing technique that uses content marketing trends as the bridge’s anchor to connect brands with their consumers.

In 2022, when consumers’ attention spans are predicted to have shrunk to only a few seconds, content marketing must be a top priority in the marketing strategy. The use of compelling written, visual, infographic, and audio-video Content, keeps consumers’ attention. Therefore, it is crucial for brands that wish to dominate the business market to comprehend the content marketing trends that are reshaping the industry with their creativity and originality.

So, if you are done with the basics like, “what is content marketing”, you can go on and read this post because here, you’ll get to know about the top 6 content marketing trends of 2022.

Use more storytelling. As human beings, we have used stories from the beginning of written history to connect, communicate, educate, and share. Why are they so effective, and why do they translate so well into successful content strategy?

Cave paintings, history books, recipes, and tutorials are all different types of stories that tell how things were done in the past and then passed down. So, you have to integrate more storytelling techniques into your content marketing services.

Make your content human:

Your blogs and articles should be read by people, not machines. You want people to relate to what you are saying. Your content should sound like it was written by a human person in order to do that. Your audience is more likely to respond to your material if they can relate to it.

That entails subscribing to your emails, reading more of your articles, or making a purchase. So, if you are into providing content marketing services, your holy grail is to humanize content.You can also checkout:- Review 

What is your company’s mission?

What does it help your client achieve?

We’re not discussing the goods or services your business produces, but rather, how your offering improves the quality of life for your customers. You must communicate this value and message.

One trend to expect in 2022 is that content marketing services need to include video.

The most popular format for consuming content is video. A video keeps your brain, eyes, and ears attentive to the information being presented. Additionally, it makes information processing in the brain simpler. Additionally, articles featuring videos typically rank higher.

According to a survey by InVideo, 96% of customers will watch more online videos in 2020, and 90% of viewers want to see more films from brands and companies.

Additionally, it is predicted that by 2022, the typical individual will view videos for 100 minutes every day. Consequently, you simply cannot ignore the trend in content marketing known as video content marketing.

The second trend to expect in 2022 is to focus on Google’s EAT principles – expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness.

All search engines, including Google, are commit to giving their users the greatest possible user experience. Google will therefore reward you for making your content relevant to your website, rather than just for utilising a keyword in it. Because Google will be able to provide its consumers with a better experience in this way.

According to Google’s Skill-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness policy, it favours information that demonstrates the depth of expertise.

To follow this principle, you can write lengthy articles that go into great detail about a certain subject. Try to connect that to a pillar page to increase your authority on the topic. Although keywords are crucial, don’t allow them to control all of your material. Put authority first.

Voice searches are said to increase in 2022. Therefore, when developing a content plan with your SEO optimization team, discuss long tail keywords and phrases.

“71% of consumers prefer to conduct queries by voice instead of typing.”

Marketers are adopting this new technology as part of their all-encompassing digital marketing strategies, just as regular users are doing so to make their lives easier. It wouldn’t be prudent to discount search’s importance in the marketing industry given the way it is developing. So it’s time to incorporate this new search approach if you’re already using SEO in your company.

Typically, we’ll utilise succinct keyword phrases like “digital marketing benefits” while typing a search query. We are more inclined to utilise long-tail keywords and phrases while conducting voice searches, such as “what are the advantages of digital marketing for my business?”

To enhance your results, your SEO plan must include both short keyword phrases and long-tail keywords and phrases. Voice searches often take a little over a third longer than text-based searches.

Take care of the not-so-trivial stuff. The success of SEO optimization often depends on factors like content structure, website health, page load time, etc. which we occasionally neglect to work on. This is a style that will always be in vogue.

Let’s say your content is extensive and comprehensive, but it’s written in a way that makes it difficult to skim. As a result, if your readers try to scan your information initially, you’ll lose them before they ever start. You don’t want that, I’m sure.

On the other side, if your website is hard, It’s best to concentrate on what works for your target audience and business, regardless of the yearly trends. While it’s wise to keep an eye on the 2022 or any other year’s content marketing trends and incorporate them into your content marketing strategy, keep your audience in mind at all times.


However, it’s crucial to pay attention to the content marketing trends of 2022 and beyond because they constantly present you with fresh concepts and publishing formats that can help you gain an additional portion of visitors and income.

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