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The most well-known fashion Kodak disposable camera, is known as that of the Kodak FunSaver which is that one we’ll examine in this review.

Cameras that don’t need an introduction. We’ve been using it since the time we were children and, for many this was their camera which enabled the first time to experience photography. It also enabled a portion of us to devote the entirety of our lives to this love of photography.

Kodak FunSaver Full Specifications

  • Camera type: Single use camera.
  • Lens type: Fixed at 30mm.
  • Lens Aperture: f/11.
  • Shutter Speed: 1/100.
  • Film format 35mm.
  • Film Exposures 27 shots.
  • Film Speed Range: ISO 800.
  • Optics Focus: Fixed Focus.
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 1 m (4 ft).
  • Viewfinder: Open Window.
  • Camera features: Built-in Flash, Kodak Ultramax 800.
  • Dimensions: Width. 4.69 in. Weight. 4.94 oz. Depth. 1.46 in.

The specs for this model are normal for its kind. It emphasizes the benefits of having the power of a flash and the right film for daylight.

Shooting Process

The camera functions by following four steps:

Move the film forward using your thumbwheel to start loading the new frame.

The flash can be charged or not function based on the need that is available at this moment.

Press the shutter button to capture the picture.

Then you repeat the process of moving the film to take the next picture.

As you will see, the capabilities are similar to point-and-shoot as there aren’t many possibilities to move there is only one speed and one aperture.

The Kodak Disposable Camera Lens

The camera with an 3 Point Slinger for Camera which gives pretty good results, if you are honest. You’ll notice that the edges of the images are less sharp in comparison to those in the center and it should be noted. That color aberration is visible throughout the image.

It’s true that this is exactly what we’re trying to find when we use this kind of camera. Or , are you going to claim that you prefer a plain Instagram filter to replicate this effect?

The FunSaver’s shooting speed

The shutter speed of the camera is about one hundredth of a of a second that is a moderate speed to capture photos. The aperture is an unspecified amount between 8 and f and the f 11. This, in conjunction with the film’s 800 ISO film gives a good range of light conditions.

Don’t anticipate to capture scenes that have lots of movement because this will require speeds that are at least 1/500 second or two steps higher than what you currently have.

There are plenty of opportunities to make the most of this combo. All you have to do is take a shot and get out in the field and, over time, you’ll get more familiar with it , and the things you can achieve with just a tiny amount of imagination.

The Film inside the FunSaver Camera

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the camera’s film comes with is an Kodak UltraMax that has ISO 800, which is basically what makes this camera.

In this movie, a excellent exposure is guaranteed for nearly any lighting situation. Perhaps indoors where you already need flash however, should you do not recharge the flash, you’ll still be able to get some outcomes.

The lens is of course bringing distinctness to the image but the main thing that defines the picture in terms color, contrast and tonal range is what the film can provide. Film that is available for thirty years and is mounted in a top-of-the-line camera is impressive in its capabilities.

Low Light Situations

For situations with low light For low-light situations. It is recommended to use the Kodak FunSaver incorporates a side flash powered by batteries that are arranged to perform this function. It is activated when. The flash is activated, it will cover the 27 images the camera can take.

It is important to note that the flash can be powered by hand using the push button located on the front of the device where the symbol indicates the flash is. In this manner the choice of using this function is up to the decision of the user.


However, it is its shortcomings which make it fun to utilize as well as its functionality has changed as time passes. Nowadays, we have our smartphones the capability to capture an image. In case it is the case that there is no camera, which , thankfully, does exist.

Its true value lies in the leisure and experimentation aspect of this procedure, which is capable of achieving results independently to a certain degree.

This is the reason why the kind of user has changed. the same. It is not the usual travel picture that we would like to take and there was a sense of urgency that came by a back. Nowadays, it’s more of an opportunity to experiment and having fun with photos.

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