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First impressions are to be the last ones. Because of this, it’s crucial to guarantee that your business provides top-notch customer service. Offering a friendly greeting and continued attention can be one of the things that set you apart from competitors and ultimately help to foster customer loyalty. 

It’s essential to welcome customers when they arrive at your restaurant correctly. How they are greeted will determine how the rest of the meal will go. Throughout the entire experience, your host must make guests feel welcome, starting with their first interaction. It can affect your restaurant’s food supply’s reputation.

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Why is it so Important to Greet Visitors Properly?

Making a restaurant stand out from the competition is one of the toughest challenges of running one. It’s no longer enough to serve superb meals; you also need to plan an outstanding overall experience for your customers. Restaurant food wholesalers invest many hours in training their staff to deliver flawless service. Still, they often overlook that excellent customer service starts when the guest enters the establishment and is welcomed by the host or hostess. The greeting is the first human element that influences a customer’s first impression of the restaurant, aside from your web presence and physical location. It creates the foundation, establishes the visitors’ expectations, and can make or break their entire stay.

How to Greet Customers at a Restaurant?

  • Display genuine interest and strategic seating arrangements:

The person responsible for receiving guests should always do so with a friendly disposition. Establishing a real and pleasant rapport with your consumers is critical since this is the first interaction they will have. Establish a common type of greeting that your restaurant hostesses can use, and make sure they are interested in learning about the needs of your patrons. In addition to making guests feel welcome, hosts should provide extra help to any elderly or disabled visitors by moving their seats closer to the entryway. 

Plan the seating arrangements to minimize annoyance and wait periods. This planning will ensure that all of your guests’ bookings are honored appropriately and enable you to manage the walk-in business at your restaurant effectively. Usually, using your common sense will assist you in choosing where to put your guests. The number of visitors or the size of the party will determine how many tables are needed, and the host will need to place the tables strategically.

  • Greeting Guests Over the Phone:

Even more crucial is a proper phone greeting for visitors. If you have a nasty or indifferent demeanor, you lose a potential visitor before they even arrive. Integrating your phone line with your CRM system is a terrific method to greet your regular customers in a personalized fashion. With many phone applications, restaurant food wholesalers can link their restaurant’s phone line to the table management system, giving hosts instant access to crucial guest information like name, visit count, guest tags, etc. By identifying the caller, they may personally welcome clients on the phone and enhance their experience. It streamlines process efficiency, saves time, and gives the personnel better service.

  • Remain composed and pleasant:

The hospitality sector might be challenging, but it’s crucial to remember that hosts must remain composed and upbeat no matter what happens. Even the worst situation can be made better with an optimistic outlook. The most crucial aspect is giving visitors the most pleasing experience possible. Therefore, responding to a guest’s complaint about food or another issue in a calm and upbeat manner can significantly improve the customer service experience.

  • Offer menus:

It’s recommended to practice handing out the drink and meal menus to visitors as they are seated. While waiting for the server to arrive and take their orders, patrons have time to peruse the menu. Have your hosts accept the initial drink orders as a bonus, or at the very least, provide water to the table for the thirsty diners. Customers may feel quite welcomed and at ease as a result.

  • Give precise wait times:

The host must give genuine, realistic wait times to prevent interfering with the diner’s dining experience. If they are cautioned with an accurate forecast, most customers will be more understanding of a wait at a restaurant. Customers will value the information, despite the possibility that being honest about wait times could increase guests’ likelihood of leaving.


When introducing yourself to a customer at your restaurant, it is always advisable to be nice and pleasant. It will be easier to maintain the level of service and ensure there are no service gaps if all staff members receive proper training on appropriate welcoming techniques. FRPG is one of the finest foodservice rebates that practice these techniques. 

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