This article is a travel guide for a day trip to the stunning palace in France, which has been the home of kings and queens for hundreds of years. Versailles Palace is without question one of the most recognizable landmarks in Europe, and its sprawling grounds also have extensive gardens. Although expensive, it’s not just well worth a visit. Still, it can be an unforgettable experience that will help you make up your mind about visiting France.

Versailles Palace has been the home of kings and queens for hundreds of years and is still the seat of French royalty. While it was once the home of Louis X, or King Louis the Sun King, today’s Versailles is mainly owned by Madame de Pompadour. You’ll likely need to book Versailles Palace Tour in advance.

Situated on one hundred hectares (200 acres) of land, Versailles is a magical place with gardens stretching for miles. Just outside of Paris, which can be reached via a trip on the RER C to Versailles Chantier, the palace is home to the famous Hall of Mirrors. While it can be challenging to see all of it in one day, you’ll need to at least break up your visit into two days as there is so much to see here.

Like most palaces in France

 Versailles was built during a time when luxury and extravagance were the norms. It is a grand palace fashioned in the same manner as you would expect to find in Italy. There are huge marble fountains and sculptures everywhere, and the attention to detail is often breathtaking, as evidenced by the story behind the wall panels.

While you can take a guided tour of the Seine River Tour, there is also an audio guide available that will help you get around much easier, so if you’re not a fan of large groups or just like to see everything at your own pace, opt for the audio guide.

Exploring Versailles is a must.

 You’ll need time to walk around and absorb this palace’s splendor and its extensive grounds. You’ll find that the gardens have been tended to by French aristocrats, making them home to magnificent trees, exotic plants, and statues.

You should allow at least three to four hours to see the palace and gardens, so it’s best to allow for a number of hours between trains or buses and make sure you’ve booked a decent restaurant for dinner.

Versailles has been said to be a ‘must’ on many travel wish lists, which really says it. The palace is awe-inspiring, and the gardens are just as magnificent. It’s simply not an experience you’ll forget in a hurry.

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