Bobcat Drawing

How to Draw A Bobcat. Learn how to draw a beautiful bobcat with easy and detailed drawing guides, video tutorials, and Cat Coloring Pages. Now you can easily create a beautiful Bobcat theme.

Bobcat, also known as wildcat or brown lynx, is a North American mammal. Bobcats are slightly larger than the average domestic cat, weighing between 7 and 15 kilograms. Bobcats can live almost anywhere: deserts, forests, and even cities. The bobcat gets its name from its short tail, which appears to be “clipped” or clipped. Small lynxes can easily be mistaken for domestic cats.

The bobcat has long existed as an aspect of famous culture. It is featured in Native American folklore. For example, in a Shawnee tribe myth, a rabbit tricked the bobcat into starting a fire. Embers burned his fur and gave him the spots. Today, bobcats serve as mascots for many sports teams.

You will need:

  • Pencil
  • An Eraser
  • A Sheet of Paper.

Instructions for Drawing A Bobcat

Step 1

Outline the bean-shaped body of the bobcat. Use two curved lines, noting that they don’t connect at the neck or hips.

Step 2

Draw the bobcat’s legs and erase them if needed. Sketch the legs utilizing teams of curved stripes. Encircle the paws with short, overlapping, curved lines to shape the toes.

Step 3

Draw the rest of the legs. Outline the front of each leg with a long curved line and use short curved lines to shape the toes.

Step 4

Outline the bobcat’s fuzzy head and neck. Use overlapping U-shaped lines to create the furry tufts on the animal’s cheeks. Use curved lines to connect to the body and neck.

Step 5

Draw the pointed ears of the bobcat. Use the curved lines to enclose the triangle shape. Then draw another curved line down the side of each ear to give the ears a three-dimensional look.

Step 6

Draw short curved lines on the tips of the ears, forming the distinctive ear tufts of this species.

Step 7

Draw the short tail using overlapping curved lines. Draw tight, overlapping lines in a “U” shape down the chest to give it a furry look.

Step 8

Describe the Bobcat face. Tauten the forehead with wavy lines. Include the curved forms of the eyes utilizing a few curved stripes. Mark another curved stripe on each eye to form the eyelid. Below that, mark a circle within a circle and shade between them. Draw the mushroom nose with three U-shaped lines. Then draw a curved “W” underneath to indicate the mouth. Describe the chin with a sharply curved line.

Step 9

Draw a curved line on the bobcat’s tail and wavy lines on its face. Draw the animal’s fur with shaded spots and spots.

Draw A Bobcat

Step 10

Colour in your Bobcat drawing. Color your cartoon bobcat. Bobcats typically have cream, tan, tan, or reddish fur with dark spots. Their cousin, the lynx, is grey and creamy with black markings.

Bobcat Drawing

Can you daub with all the shades of the current? Challenge yourself with other North American wildlife.

Drawing Completed

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