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If we talk about the world’s legal industry, then India comes in the 2nd spot on that list. Irrespective of that fact, there is still a shortage of lawyers in India, which is why the law can become a highly exacting and lucrative career option in the upcoming year. Ramaiah Institute of Legal Studies (RILS) is on the list of law institutes in Bangalore. Now let’s look at how pursuing a law course can help you get the best possible jobs.

How is a Career in Law Different From Other Careers?

Whenever you are planning a career, you will think of jobs that will be highly prestigious, challenging you every single day to become better. Alongside that, it needs to be something that will offer you financial stability, and most importantly, you need to have job satisfaction. Among Indian students, a career in law is one of the most sought-after choices. Why? The reasons are as follows.

  • Some took it as a career simply because they wanted to strengthen the judicial system of this country. In contrast, others pursued a career in this field just to experience several aspects of our society and help people deal with problems. 
  • The knowledge you will get will mostly be observational, and depending on your perspective, it may be right and wrong as well. That makes it way more challenging than other fields of study. 
  • Legal education is still developing, and the concepts and fundamental principles are still evolving.

Why Should You Consider Pursuing Law as a Career?

If the challenges mentioned earlier excite you, you would be glad to know that after getting legal education from colleges for law in Bangalore like RILS, you will have a great career ahead.

  • Several Career Opportunities

The legal industry is changing rapidly, and this evolution diversifies the career paths of lawyers and judges in India. Not only judges and lawyers, career paralegals and law graduates will get opportunities to work in every industry in India, which includes sectors like commerce, politics, media, and others.  

  • Financial Stability

As mentioned earlier, financial stability is what makes a career option lucrative. Just a degree will not ensure financial stability in the legal industry. It would be best if you have various skill sets and an eye for opportunities. Paycheque in the law industry entirely depends on your area of practice, your job experience, and whether you are associated with a firm or not. 

  • Contribution Towards Society

If you have a strong sense of social responsibility, you can directly impact your work by being in the legal profession. 

Some of the Best Career Options After the Completion of a Law Course

After completing law courses in Bangalore from RILS or any other law school, you need to choose a career path and now let’s look at the options you will have after graduation.

  • Independent Practitioner 

You can represent clients independently after earning your LL.B. degree and the certificate of practice you will make after appearing in the All India Bar Examination.  

  • Joining a Law Firm

If you want to boost your litigation career, you can join a law firm. 

  • Working in the Corporate Field

Almost every business organization requires legal professionals for contract drafting, legal advice, and negotiations in the corporate world. 

  • Part of the Judicial Services

After graduation, one can appear in the Judicial Services Examination to become Judicial Magistrate or Civil Judge. 

  • Public Prosecutor

In a criminal case, a public prosecutor represents the person who is a victim on behalf of the state. 

  • JAG Officer 

Judge Advocate General (JAG) officer is responsible for interpreting and applying military laws along with presiding officers of the Indian Military.  

Final Words

Now, if you live in Bangalore or want to study law here, you should do it at the Best law colleges in Bangalore for BA LLB. Ramaiah Institute of Legal Studies (RILS) is the perfect place for you to begin your career journey. Irrespective of your chosen career, it will have its advantages and disadvantages. You need to fit into the system to succeed. Choose your career path wisely and according to whatever sounds appealing.

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