Career in Rural Management

A rural management program helps students learn how to manage rural resources effectively. A PGDM program enables students to pursue careers in various areas of rural development by planning and implementing relevant programs.

Rural Management has gained popularity in India in recent years. A PGDM in rural management allows students to learn about public health, education, rural marketing, entrepreneurial sustainability, precision agriculture, and more. While the PGDM program empowers them to address the challenges of a rural institution, students specialize in a variety of areas depending on their field of study. It is important to choose the right PGDM Rural Management College to complete the PGDM program in rural management.

Rural management has a wide scope not only in India but also across the globe. A student with a PGDM in rural management can pursue careers in a variety of rural business segments, including marketing, finance, purchasing, human resource development, and project implementation. Several areas need a breath of fresh air in India’s rural management sector. Public health, village planning, social infrastructure, and agricultural growth are some important areas.

A large portion of India’s population depends on agriculture for their livelihood. It is only fair that the country’s youth focus their education on rural development. This has proven lucrative in recent years as the government has begun hiring managers (for rural areas) to help with rural growth, improvement, and expansion programs.

Employment opportunities in rural management are huge

While it is important to take the PGDM course from a reputable institute like the Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA) – one of thebest PGDM Colleges in Gujarat, it is also important for students to be able to remain calm in times of pressure. Communication skills, leadership qualities, and a friendly personality are some of the qualities that are highly beneficial for a student pursuing a PGDM course in rural management.

India is a country where rural management fields are present in large numbers and hence there are a huge number of employment opportunities in the field of rural management. A PGDM graduate in rural management can apply for a job in the government sector as a village development officer (VDO) or can also manage or work in an NGO. The rural cooperative sector, agribusinesses, agricultural product management, and agricultural marketing are some other areas of employment.

Careers in rural management: Job prospects and opportunities.

A career in rural management is possible by studying the concepts that are applied in real life. India is a country of farmers, who make up 60% of the total population. This 60% of India’s population is not able to fully utilize the resources available in the country. To take care of rural development in rural development and management is very challenging. That is the reason why this profession is in great demand. Various government or private organizations hire professional land managers to help villagers grow, improve and expand.

Due to the demand for professionals, a postgraduate course in rural management has become one of the most sought-after courses for study and research. Graduates and postgraduates can find lucrative employment opportunities in this field.

Job profiles

There are various profiles where a candidate can excel and get a job in his/her hands after completing PGDM in Rural Management from a top management institute like the IRMA. Candidates can work as:

·         Research Officer

·         Business Development Executive

·         Consultant

·         Project Co-ordinator/Project

·         Purchase/Vendor Development Manager

·         Researcher

·         Rural Development Officer

·         Rural Executives

·         Finance Manager

·         Development Manager

·         Strategist Specialist

·         Rural Manager

·         Rural Sales Manager

·         Operations Personnel


Rural development and management is a good career field in terms of salary as it offers 2-3 lakhs per annum to entry-level professionals. Many multinational companies, government organizations, and Indian companies offer employment opportunities to aspiring professionals who have earned their rural management degrees from a recognized PGDM Rural Management College. Moreover, rural management offers high job satisfaction, which is very important in today’s life.

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