www.autofun.co.th—UMW Toyota has officially removed the current model of the Toyota Avanza from its website, ending its decade-long local sales cycle, but that doesn’t mean the car will be withdrawn from our market! The next generation will be coming soon, but we don’t know exactly when it will be available yet!

In 2012 UMW Toyota officially introduced the second generation Avanza to China, but the car is still basically a rear-wheel drive platform, which is actually just right for the Indonesian market, where the rough roads and the need to carry heavy loads require a unique semi-loadable body design + rear-wheel drive to meet the needs of local consumers. The vehicle was introduced to our market.

The car became a hit when it was introduced into the country and quickly passed the 150,000 mark! However, after 2010, the demand for small MPVs in the local market declined sharply, which led to the Avanza’s sales success.

With the new generation due in 2021, it’s time for the local Avanza to retire, and we recently found out that the second generation Avanza has been dropped from the shelves! However, according to our previous information, the new generation Avanza Veloz will be introduced to the Chinese market in the second half of this year, and will be sold as a CKD. We’ll be sure to bring you further news as soon as it becomes available!

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