How to eliminate or remove discrimination

Discrimination is a cancer of society. There are many types of discrimination in the workplace like discrimination based on sex, color, race, age, different political opinions, religion, case, discrimination based on disability, HIV, etc. Discrimination has been seen in urban as well as rural areas. Literate and illiterate both have been seen in discrimination. Everyone is shouting that discrimination is bad for society. Nobody wants to know the root cause of this issue. To eliminate or completely remove this issue from society, it is important to know the root cause of discrimination. This discrimination issue has been seen more in workplaces.

Equality should be practiced in training and education, and equality in the use of land and credit to eliminate discrimination from society. Fixing conditions for running all types of enterprises either big or small, policies should be formed before hiring any employee, tasks should be assigned with equality, perks, benefits, employee termination, etc.

Direct or indirect tax discrimination at work, place can be divided into two types – 

1. Direct Discrimination 

2. Indirect Discrimination

Direct discrimination can be seen in law or community excluding particular groups based on sex, race, etc. For example – In married life, if a wife needs permission from her husband to perform any particular task like applying for a loan or going on a long trip, etc. Such a type of society is bad for society in which the wife needs to take permission from the husband for doing petty tasks. 

In the above example, we have to support only the wife’s point because she is a female. But in this modern world where we promote women’s empowerment and we have seen people misusing this power by putting fake charges on men. In the same way, if the husband needs permission from the wife for performing any task. Such a form of discrimination is also considered bad for society.

Indirect discrimination

Another form of discrimination is indirect discrimination. Such types of discrimination are hard to detect because of the hidden facts. It appears neutral on the surface but internally phishing is going on that showcase indirect discrimination. For example, women are eliminated from doing some kind of work or excluded someone from joining any particular community for the sake of age, sex, caste, religion, etc.  

It’s very shameful to see discrimination in the workplace because the people working in companies are considered highly qualified. Discrimination of work, skill, and knowledge should be eliminated for the better economic condition of the individual. 

The root cause of discrimination in the workplace is inequality in education before entering professional life. Govt should promote equality in education so that people will not be exploited in the working environment. Quality education should be given to girls and low-caste groups.

It takes time to remove or eliminate discrimination from the workplace. But we have to do something to stop going discrimination and malpractices in the workplace these days. Law supports victims of discrimination. Hire an experienced lawyer to fight against the discrimination. 

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