Disclosing Commonly Asked Questions About Hospice Care 

Choosing hospice care is an important decision for families and individuals. But the decision to choose hospice care must be taken carefully. Many of us have little or no information regarding hospice, which lead to several questions. Below we have gathered some frequently asked questions regarding hospice to give you more insight into hospice. Let’s start with the basic question! 

What is hospice care?

Hospice care is a kind of care being provided to terminally ill patients. It basically focuses on care, comfort, and quality of life rather than treating the disease. People choose hospice care when they do not respond to medical treatment. Hospice care also helps families to cope strongly with their loved one’s illness and supports them as much as possible. 

Am I eligible for hospice? 

Anyone with a terminal illness and a life expectancy of less than six months qualifies for hospice care, especially when the medical treatment does not show any positive improvement in the health of the patient. 

What services does hospice care offer? 

Hospice care offers a range of services, including emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual support. They also provide pain and symptoms management, therapy services, in-patient care, respite care, grief support, etc. 

Where does hospice care take place? 

This is one of the most asked questions regarding hospice. Well, hospice care can happen anywhere, including hospitals, designated hospice care facilities, nursing homes, and patient homes. However, most patients choose to have hospice care in the familiar surroundings of their homes. Surprisingly, hospice care provided at home shows better results than hospitals or any medical facility. 

Does your medical insurance cover hospice?

Yes, of course. Most medical insurance companies include hospice care in medical insurance policies. All you have to do is have a discussion with your medical insurance company to confirm it. This way, you will not have to spend added money for hospice care. 

Does hospice care include round-the-clock care 24/7)?

Some hospice care services provide 24/7 hospice care. However, experts from hospice care services will always be available over a phone call to assist you in the event of any health emergency. 

Ending notes

Oasis Hospice is a well-recognized hospice care company that has taken pride in providing the best hospice care to patients for years successfully. Our team of highly trained hospice care professionals ensures the patients get proper support, whether it is physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental.

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