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The Benefits of Acupuncture Chemotherapy Radiation

The best acupuncture pain management clinic in New York offers acupuncture treatment to cancer patients. Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine practice that involves the use of needles on the body to re-balance the body’s energies. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with cancer or you have a loved one who has undergone treatment, acupuncture chemotherapy radiation treatment offers the following benefits:

1. Induces Sleep

One major reason doctors recommend acupuncture chemotherapy radiation treatment is that it provides improvement for patients suffering from fatigue related to cancer or cancer treatment. The procedure is well known to improve one’s quality of sleep, which can also contribute to fighting against cancer-related tiredness.

2. Reduces Nausea

One of the most common side effects of chemotherapy radiation is nausea and frequent vomiting. A lot of studies show that acupuncture can also reduce chemotherapy-induced nausea. Getting an acupuncture treatment the day before chemo is the most effective way to offset any feeling of nausea and vomiting that is related to chemo.

3. Pain Management

Pain is one of the most common side effects of cancer and its treatment, especially because it stems from cancer itself, surgeries needed for proper treatment, or from nerves damaged by chemotherapy and radiation. While the acupuncture procedure may not have the same effect as pain medication, it reduces any need for several cancer medications. Moreover, acupuncture may help produce scar tissue and repair damaged nerves.

4. Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Restoring the body’s natural balance through acupuncture can help reduce any feelings of anxiety and depression and will improve the ability to manage stress. This is especially true for patients who are undergoing treatment for cancer. Studies show that most patients who use acupuncture during cancer tend to feel less worried, anxious, and generally, more emotionally stable.

5. Provides Physical, Mental, and Emotional Support

Acupuncture is a treatment that guides the body toward a natural state of health by restoring balance. It helps manage the side effects of cancer treatments while quickening the body’s natural healing process. Apart from being safe and time-tested, it makes room for cancer patients to receive treatments alongside their friends and loved ones


Acupuncture may not cure cancer but it can make the cancer journey easier by relieving the negative side effects of cancer treatment. Consult the best acupuncture pain management clinic in New York to determine the safest and most effective method of incorporating acupuncture into your cancer treatment.

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